The Founder of World’s Professional Functional Film & BOPET Film Event

The 14th Shanghai International Functional Film&BOPET Film Expo is scheduled for May 25th-27th, 2018 at NECC(Shanghai Hongqiao). 26,800 square meters and 1,350 standard booths in the 14th are expected to attract around 650 manufacturers and 30000 visitors from the global to participate in

APFE was invented in 2007, until now, it has 12 years history! The last show (APFE2017) broke through 25,500sqm in the scale, witnessed the development of the whole industry, consolidated APFE the world's most powerful commercial exhibition in functional filmand BOPET film area!

APFE2018 will keeping focus on and show Adhesive Materials, Functional Film Materials, BOPET Film and the processingof technology like coating, slitting, die cutting, ect.

Rooted in Shanghai, APFE2018 will pragmatically and steadily move to a higher step and cast new brilliance!

APFE2017 Review

Functional Film: BEMIS, NIPPA, Cosmotec, Bye tech, Hechang, DingLi, Xinfeng, Tongli, Wanhua, DM, TTS, Faxin Zhongxin, KINGLABEL, Loparex, WorldStar, Hechang, Tamay, Tongli, Yongxin, ect. ( around 250 companies)
BOPET Film: Nanolink, LuckyFilm, Dongfang Industry, PetroChina, LanPuCheng , Everpoly, DDN, Shuangxing, Baijia, Ji Xiang Bao, Shengda, Heshun, Jianyuanchun, FST, Wanhua, Hongyi, Yilikemu, ect. (Most of the BOPET film in China exhibited)
Adhesive & PSA: Dow Corning, Wacker, Bluestar, KCC, Yongzhuo, Sanwo, Jucheng, Koyoweb, Sooyang, Ichemco, Gratube, Stahl, Clariant, ect ;
Coating/Slitting Machine &Accessories: BMB, ESOPP, GUZZETTI, G&A, PNT, CO-TECH, Amo, JS TECH, TPS, Hagihara, Hitachi-hightech, Marubeni, Huaying, A-lumen, Beiren, So-tech, Huayang, Yuandong, Haoneng, Jwell, Geruite, Yongsheng; Accessories: Advance, BST, PORA, BESA, Jifeng, KASUGA, FUTEC, SIMCO, HOCA, Spooner, Wintriss, Oxford, Webcon, Laser, Scantech, Vetaphone, GEW, Cobetter, ect.
Dryer/RTO Machine: Ati group, Spooner, Better, Changmu; TANN, Anguil, ENVI, Eisenman, Megtec, ect.
Die cutting Machine: Hadesheng, Furi, Fengri, Kedou, Feixinda, Flyingman, Dayang, Gawan, Huazi, Zhengxian, Zodngoc, Yongsheng, Yulong, Puyi, Boxiang, ect. ( Around 30 companies. )

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