「APFE」-- Founder of the Global Tape and Film Professional Exhibition, thirteen years of pioneering, thirteen years of achievement

The last expo was successfully held in National Convention and ExhibitionCenter, Shanghai, China (Short for NECC) during 12-14 June, 2019. Over 700 exhibitors exhibited here, part of them: Tapes: 3M, Sicad, Denka, SB TAPE, JFE, KOYO, Chiyoda, Ahlstrom, Youyi, Crown, Smith, Louis Adhesive, Sealking, Nikto, Sharktape, Meiyuan, Jialong, Petran, Yonwoo, ect; Films: Bye-tech, Bemis, Tamay, Dingli, Dongli, Jixiangbao, PetroChina, Shuangxing, Wanhua, Heshun, Nanyang, Hualong, Mingfeng, Zhongheng, Fenghua, DM, ect; Adhesive: Dow, Wacker, Elken, Clariant, Ichemco, TTT, Sooyang, AMTE, Suime, ect;  Coating & Slitting & rewinding: GUZZETTI, G&A, PNT, CO-TECH, Geruite, Marubeni, Hitachi-hightech, Altma, Shicheng, Beiren, So-tech, Yicheng, Huayang, Haoneng, Jwell, Dayang, Gawan, ect; Die Cutting: Furi, Fengri, Zodngoc, FXD, Kedou, Flyingman, Zhongtian, Fumarte, Niute, HOACO, ect; Other equipments: Huilong, Advance, Fungyuan, Traum, Sanjieli, Shengde, Wintriss, NDC, Spooner, Maxcess, Fraser, Meech, Yanpon, ect.

APFE 2019 attracted nearly 30,000 professional buyers, which including the field of the electronic, optoelectronics and automobile  manufacturing, energy, Home appliances, communication, printing, packaging and foreign trade etc.   


》》》In the field of adhesive new materials and functional film materials, from leading to development, "APFE2019" showed the incomparable general trend of grasping, for the construction and rapid development of adhesive new materials and functional film materials industry injected a strong push, and write a new chapter with the current development of new materials in China.
》》》In the field of coil and die cutting materials, covering, such as shielding/conductive insulation/flame retardant and waterproof/sealing, damping/cushioning, thermal/cooling coil, packaging/logo, etc., "APFE2019" showed the direction of the accurate grasping, through continuous guidance and innovation, has become the global wind vane of new coil materials in the market, information and technology.





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