1. International Zone / Brand Zone (T Zone) :
Standard Booth: USD 2800/9㎡; (Corner booth will be charged extra 10% of the booth fee.)
Raw Space Booth(≥36㎡ for leasing): USD 280/㎡

Price notes:
The price of the international exhibition area shall be uniformly implemented by the enterprises with foreign capital, joint ventures and agents of foreign products, whether in the China exhibition area or in the international exhibition area;  

2. 9sqm standard booth configuration:
Contain exhibition board, banner, 1*display counter, 1*glass round table, 4*chairs, 4*spotlight, carpet, Waste bin.

3. Raw space booth:
The leased area shall not be less than 36 square metres. Exhibitors should design and arrange the booth by themselves. Power supply and negotiation table should be provided or rented.

4. Technical lectures:
During the exhibition, the organizer will organize a number of technical exchanges and seminars to carry out international technical and economic exchanges, and to publicize and promote products.All units can apply for holding the event. Please customize the theme of exchange. Each event is 6000 RMB/half an hour.


Registration form

1. Please fill in the registration form (signed by the company and the person in charge).

2. Please submit the application form by fax or mail.

3. Please provide company LOGO (JPG file, resolution above 300DPI), E-mail to Veronica@apfechina.com for pre-exhibition publicity.


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